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Leif Storoy

Leif Storoy

General Manager and owner of AATEC Office Technology.

21 June 2016 Published in Blog Be the first to comment!

Printing that follows you anywhere

Printing that follows you anywhere

Did you know ‘pull printing’ can help you cut your printing costs by an average of 30%? 1
Implementing a Konica Minolta document management solution that lets you print documents - from any location, and at any time - can save your business considerable money, while helping your people work much faster and more efficiently.
With pull printing solutions, you can securely route documents to any device, anywhere in your organisation - across servers, departments or locations. At the same time, you can track all printing activity, reduce waste and contain costs, however large your enterprise.
All businesses can benefit from pull printing solutions, but medium to large businesses in particular will see significant benefits. Where organisations have multiple multifunction printers, users can log on in any location in the building rather than having to walk to an assigned printer in their area.
Pull printing helps keep costs down and also has a dramatic impact on document security, by promoting better eco-friendly printing practices with documents less likely to be left lying abandoned at the copier.
Your people can enjoy the freedom of printing their jobs from any networked device, and documents can be cancelled or released as required. Documents are sent into a central queuing system and are released only when the user identifies them at the printing terminal.


With a pull printing solution from Konica Minolta, your business can enjoy:

Cost savings

Users only print the documents they need thereby reducing waste by eliminating unclaimed printing

Improved auditing and reporting

You will gain the ability to recognise and track every document a user or department prints and scans, meaning you can easily monitor printing outputs and identify inefficiencies.

Improved document security

As users are required to print documents at the device, private or confidential documents are kept away from prying eyes.

Greater convenience and efficiency

Being able to print documents from any printer can help save time and promote better workflow efficiency. It means that if one printer is out of action, it won’t affect a user’s ability to print, saving time and frustration.

Reduced paper wastage

With documents less likely to be abandoned at the printer, businesses will use significantly less paper.

Improved environmental efficiency

Pull printing helps your people become more eco-friendly by encouraging them to think before they print and thus promoting better environmental practices.

A CXO’s Guide to Managed Print Services, Photizo Group, 2011



19 May 2016 Published in Blog Be the first to comment!


The End of Financial Year is almost here, and its time to review your office technology. Get in quick to take advantage of the small business tax break. Remember that small business can immediately deduct assets costing less than $20,000. This is a great opportunity to invest in new equipment or new technology to take your business to the next level. Check with your accountant to see if you are eligible and make sure that what you purchase is valid.  

We have a few great specials available:

  • With three months FREE rental*, now's a great time to help your business maximise its productivity and efficiency. Our bizhub A3 colour range lets you focus on what you do best. Make the most of business opportunities. More info here

  • Brother Cashback in selected printers until 31st July 2016. More info here

  • $20k tax break, or immediate asset deductibility for small business. More info here

If you are located on the Fraser Coast or in Hervey Bay or Maryborough, send us an email or call us or drop in for a chat get advice on the best possible new solution for your business. If you prefer to make an appointment, Leif will visit your business and discuss your requirements at no cost to you and no obligations. 




0416 148 979



26 August 2013 Published in Blog Be the first to comment!



Book in for a test drive today to learn how the latest office technology can help your business increase productivity, streamline daily office routines, save time and significantly reduce the cost of office administration.


23 August 2013 Published in Blog Be the first to comment!

Konica Minolta has once again demonstrated its commitment to product excellence by taking home three Australian Business Awards for the bizhub C754 series (bizhub C224 to bizhub C754).
The awards include Best New Product, Product Innovation and Product Excellence, recognising Konica Minolta as a market leader in product development and sustainability.
“We are honoured to receive this prestigious accolade and be acknowledged by the Australian Business Awards for our overall product superiority.  These awards highlight our dedication to providing quality printing solutions to our customers and showcases Konica Minolta as a pioneering market leader in product innovation,” comments Chris Goult, Group Product Marketing Manager, Konica Minolta.
Conducted annually and now in their eighth year, the Australian Business Awards are widely acknowledged as one of Australia's most respected accolades spanning across the corporate, government and non-profit sectors underpinned by the program's established framework.
“The Australian Business Awards recognise our most innovative organisations, their outstanding achievements and contribution to the Australian economy. Konica Minolta is a worthy recipient and has demonstrated a commitment to excellence that stands out amongst a dynamic field of Australia’s elite,” says Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director, The Australian Business Awards.
The C754 series provides unrivalled usability while maximising higher volume workflows, offering a revolutionary new user interface and single pass dual side scanning up to 180 originals per minute. The nine inch electrostatic touch panel with “flick and drag” operation, commonly used in smart phone devices, complete with web-browsing capability and third party application integration, engages users with advanced features and a simpler navigation experience.
About Australian Business Awards
The Australian Business Awards is a comprehensive national awards program conducted annually, elevating the core values of business excellence, product excellence and sustainability.

For more information visit:


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